Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Friends and Rocks

I just got back from a small road trip with my brother, Nathan, and my good friend Cory. Nathan and I started our trip the morning after Christmas and headed to the beautiful town of Delaware, Ohio, picked up Cory and pointed our car towards Chattanooga for a few days of climbing. Upon arriving in Chatt, we went directly to our recently married friend's (Brian and Jesse) house which become our home for the next few days. Brian and Jesse's home has become a climbing hub for out of town climbers visiting the area. Over the four days we climbed two days at Little Rock City, one at my personal favorite Horse Pens 40, and the last day I learned a little bit something about finger locking at T-wall. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Cory holding onto nothing.

Phil on some fun looking climb near a waterfall.

At T-wall.

Nate on some fun scary climb at LRC.

NE1 back in full force!

You would have to have been there but this brings a smile to my face.

That little crimp is sharp.

The always photogenic Nick.

Sitting by the Wave.


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